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Questions - Licenses, Exams, & Certificates of Fitness

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Question #842: I am looking for a class that I would be able to take to help me understand boiler systems and to install them. What classes are there in New York City. Post your answer

Answer: NYC College of Technology in Downtown Brooklyn has a whole department, "Environmental Control Technology) with up-to-date boiler lab, etc. Go to and check it out. None better in these parts. Dick Koral

Answer: Housing Conservation Coordinators (HCC) and the Association for Energy Affordability (AEA) are two New York City organizations giving good classes on understanding boiler systems. Contact them and ask if they can also help you find out where to learn about installing boiler systems. When you do find out, let us know so we can print the information here. Glen Stoltz

Question #839: I have been approached about being a superintendent for a condominium in New York City. The building runs by city steam - no boiler. Also it has a water tank on the roof and a pressurized sprinkler system for the bottom 3 floors. Where do I go to find out what tests are necessary? Post your answer


Answer: City steam requires no permits or certificates to operate as long as the end use of the steam is less then 15 psi. You will need a certificate of fitness for pressurized sprinklers. call FDNY dept of fire prevention 718 999 2000 or click here. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #838: I lost my universal refrigeration license and would like to get a copy. I don't remember my # or the name of the tech course. Any information would be great. Post your answer

Answer: There are two that I know you can check with, and chances are one of them is the one you are looking for: the first one is the ESCO Institute, and the second one is the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, their phone number is 847-297-6464 you can also fax them at 847-297-5038. Roberto Cardona

Answer: Refrigeration licenses are now being handled through the FDNY. Contact them, I do not know which part of the Fire Department handles this. The number I have for the Department is 718 999 2000, ask them they may be able to tell you which department. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #827: I have the universal EPA license from the Navy. I was wondering if that is the equivalent to having a refrigeration license in New York City. If not, does it fulfill the prerequisites for taking the exam? Post your answer

Answer: The EPA certificate that you have is part of having a New York City Refrigeration License. It does not exclude you from obtaining a Refrigeration License from FDNY. Requirements prior to obtaining such license are 2 years of practical experience and 2 years of classroom education. Call FDNY for more info and look to previously asked questions on this subject. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #821: I've been contacted by a super of a nearby building where the landlord has told him to get a boiler license ASAP. The problem is, this super (who is a decent guy and who took over the job from his parents) can't read, or reads very little. We're concerned the landlord (whose reputation is not good) might use this as an excuse to get rid of him as a super and as a resident. Any information on: a.) what is the requirement for a boiler license? All buildings or some? In this instance we're dealing with four tenements in a row, and b.) do they have to go to class? I did find information on the first two questions, but in this case, the super (really a kid in his early 20's) is not literate, can barely read and appears to have a learning disability. Do you know of any resources for people who are not literate? Post your answer

Answer: The only requirement for a super to have a "boiler license" is if the building's boiler uses #6 oil. A person doesn't have to take a class for the license but does need to study for it by reading the material and does need to read the questions on the test and use a touch screen to answer the questions. Not being able to read or write may be OK for a janitor or porter, but a super should know how to read and write. Keep in mind that he's responsible for the tenants health, security and safety. To expand on this further, HPD is about to enforce that superintendents be certified as competent in their duties. One way is for the landlord or board to write a letter certifying their super as competent. Note, HPD may question this letter as it may be self serving. The other way is for a super to have a minimum of 15 hours of education as per HPD requirements. More news on this will follow from STA before the end of October - stay tuned. So it behooves this super and other supers to learn how to read and write in English, as the laws are going to be enforced. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #818: I would like to know if the refrigerating operating engineer exam PART 2 will be taken on computer simulator? If not yet, when? Post your answer

Answer: No. There are no plans to ever take the practical part of this exam via computer simulation. There is always talk about it, but it won't happen in the near future. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #814: How do I get a boiler license and can I get questions and answers online? Post your answer

Answer: For a start in finding your answer, search the Licenses, Exams and Certificates of Fitness archives.

Question #799: We would like to obtain the #6 boiler certification (Black seal) in N.J. to work as custodians. Where can we go, and how long is the course? Post your answer

Answer: Before asking a question, you should check whether or not it has been asked and answered before. To do that, you can use Google or other search engine, and, putting in the words to search on (in this case, for instance: Black Seal AND New Jersey) you then search (while on the STA site) on the Current Site. This will return to you every page containing those terms. In this case, this was asked in Question #489 and elsewhere. Check it out. Glen Stoltz

Question #770: Where can I get training in the NYC area for a Black Seal Boiler license? Post your answer

Answer: This issue was addressed in Question #489.

Question #726: I live in New York. Where can my husband go to take standpipe and sprinkler certification classes?  Also are these classes offered in Spanish, if so where (he does not belong to any union for supers)? Post your answer

Answer: Research the questions and answers on the Frequently Asked Questions page and on the Licenses, Exams & Certificates of Fitness page. Your question will probably have been answered there already in the past.

Question #720: Where can I get information to obtain a certification for a torch? And the proper name of the exam. Post your answer

Answer: I assume you are referring to the new York City Fire Departments Certificate of Fitness G-95. If that is what you are referring to, please go here for study material for the G-95. You can also navigate the NYFD's site for other certificates if the G-95 was not what you had in mind. Bill Aristovulos

Question #703: Where and how do I apply for a boiler operating license in Queens? Post your answer

Answer: Currently, there are 2 "licenses' you need to obtain for operating a boiler in the New York City Area: 

1)  The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) certificate of fitness for operating a low pressure boiler (15 PSI and below). The license category is P-99. You only need this license to operate a boiler if you are burning #6 fuel oil. To get the actual license, you need the study material from the (FDNY) which I’ve included here. and then you have to pay a 25 dollar fee and bring a letter from your employer stating you work at your building. In which after, you have to pass a test of 20 questions at Metro 9 in Brooklyn. The following is more helpful information about the test.


2)  Certificate of Instruction for the Operation of Residual Fuel Oil Burners and Incinerators from the Department of Environmental Protection. (DEP) You need this license to operate any boiler in New York City that is burning any number fuel oil. To get this license, you have to attend a class through either The Thomas Shortman Training Fund, if you are a union member of 32BJ or ACI Environmental (212-279-6804). But also note: The course is given free at a number of high schools. Go to the DEP web site to find out when and where.


     Of course, we at the Superintendents Technical Association, STA, also give seminars on how to obtain the P-99, keep checking the website for future dates. Jason Panarella

Question #691: Is there a test for Certificate of Fitness for #2 boiler? I have my letter from the owners of the building. Post your answer

Answer:  There is no city or state test for #2 or #4 oil burning equipment. There is no city or state certification or license for #2 or #4 oil burners. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #678: What type of certification and/or licenses are required to operate a 150 ton chilled water air-conditioning system - if any at all? Post your answer

Answer: Different states, even different cities within the same states have different requirements for air conditioning and refrigeration license for operators. In New York City the codes states that any a/c or refrigeration unit 100 tons and over require a refrigeration operators license. For the record, 100 tons and up is for chillers using any type of compressor. If you have an absorption machine, which I doubt due to your small tonnage, then a license is NOT required for any absorption machine no matter how many tons. Peter Grech, GBOC

Answer: You will need to attend a school that teaches air conditioning refrigeration and learn basic refrigeration and acquire a "universal" certification in order to work with and purchase refrigerants. After that you will go to the next level and learn refrigeration licensing where you learn about reciprocating and centrifugal systems, as well as others. Once you passed that you must take a written test and if you pass that you must take a practical test and be grilled by two engineers on both machines, as well as on pumps and cooling towers and I know because I took and passed this test myself. Roberto Cardona

Question #676: How can I get material for the boiler #6, to study for the license? Post your answer

Answer:  Please read the FAQs page before asking your question.

Answer:  This information has been answered several times before (Questions 629, 591) it is also on our Licenses, Exams and Certificates of Fitness page, and I will give you the direct link to the  NYFD (New York City Fire Department's) site here: Bill Aristovulos

Question #655: I would like to know what HVAC means in commercial or residential buildings. Is there any license, I heard that the air conditioning license is considered as HVAC. Is the only way to get the license thru the 32BJ union or can I study at home an just take the exam ? Post your answer

Answer: Basically they mean the same. Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning. The equipment may or may not be the same in commercial buildings versus residential, but the terms are identical. There are different code requirements for commercial buildings than there are for residential. This also depends of the type of building, i.e. fully enclosed glass buildings would need more fresh air then buildings that have windows that open, etc. Next question: No, the air conditioning license is not a HVAC license. The air conditioning license is actually called a refrigeration license. It does not cover ventilation, distribution of heat or even the distribution of conditioned air. That license only deals with the production of refrigeration and air conditioning and the safety that goes with the production. The license is very limited. Peter Grech, GBOC

Answer: 32BJ's Thomas Shortman Training Fund (School) has an excellent 2 year course to prepare you for the air conditioning license.  It is perhaps the finest training available in New York.  It is free for union members, call them at 212-388-3701  There are some private schools that offer the same course for a substantial tuition, like Turner School.  City Tech in Brooklyn (City  College) also has a very good non-matriculated program at reasonable cost.  Frankly, I do not think one can study on their own and pass the test successfully.  The test consists of two parts, a written (lots of AC theory) and a practical test at which two NYCFD examiners grill you in actual air conditioning motor rooms throughout the city, and boy you have to know your stuff and LOOK like you belong in a motor room, or you simply ain't passing.  Bill Aristovulos

Question #651: I would like to know from where can I get a centrifugal license, and a lead painting license? I recently applied for a job and they mentioned these requirements. Post your answer

Answer: There is no such thing as a centrifugal license in NYC. I think you are referring to the refrigeration license which covers, among many things, centrifugal machines. That you have to go to Fire Department for. It takes an average of two years to study and prepare for the two tests to obtain it. The certificate for lead, or the Safe Work Practices for lead, can be obtained by taking a class at HPD. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #631: Would someone please help me with a list of schools in New York City where I can train for #6 boiler, standpipe and sprinkler and E.P.A. emissions certification. Post your answer

Answer: See a very short list on our Continuing Education page.

Question #629: How do I obtain the #6 boiler operator license? Post your answer

Answer: See the answer to Question #591 and peruse the Licenses, Exams and Certificates of Fitness page. Ultimately your answer will be somewhere on the FDNY website on their c of f page. Glen Stoltz

Question #623: I'm looking to take an exam for AIR POLLUTION, which some buildings require when applying for a supers position, but I can't find it on the list at the FDNY website. Where can I take the exam?  Post your answer

Answer: You cannot take the exam without taking the course. Local 32 BJ has a course and exam for union members. New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn also has this course and exam. Those are the only two places I know of. Peter Grech, GBOC

Question #610: I want to go get my HVAC/refrigerant license in New York City, and was looking into schools. I could only find Turner Trade School. Is this a good school or are there better ones that I can attend. Post your answer

Answer: Another visitor to this website may be able to give that trade school a review; in the meantime, check out this website's Continuing Education page for more options. Some of those on the list have been attended by members of this Association. Glen Stoltz

Question #607: I'm going to take the F-98 certificate of fitness for standpipe/sprinkler/gravity tanks, and I'm new in this industry. To be able to take this test I must sketch a plan of the system I am applying for, which is the system in my building. I need a sample from someone who's done this before. Can anyone help me? Post your answer

Answer: All that is required is that you can make a simple line drawing showing the standpipe and/or sprinkler systems and water source, their relation to each floor, where the pump and valves are located, and what type of connection is available. The best way to get this right is to walk your building and observe, then sit down and draw up a quick sketch. It does NOT need to have an extreme amount of detail. If you have a plumber who has done a lot of work in your building, you might ask him to take a little of his time to help you. That's what I did in a previous building, and it was fine. Glen Stoltz

Question #591: How do I get a #6 oil burner boiler c of f? Post your answer

Answer: Go to our Certificates of Fitness and Exams page and read the similar questions, and their answers. There are also links there to more info on the Fire Department web site.

Question #567: I'm a super but I want to get my #6 boiler certificate. In the building I work for there is a #4 boiler, but I want the #6 certificate just to have. Are there any schools online where I can take this course or are there any schools in the Bronx I can go to, please let me know. Post your answer

Answer: I hope you'll hear from others who have taken particular courses, but in the meantime, see our Continuing Education page for some good starter ideas.

Question #555: My boyfriend is trying to find a school to go for classes to get his Boiler's Certificate. I wanted to know where is the best place to go for night classes since he works during the day? I heard about a school in Brooklyn but I am not sure. Post your answer

Answer: Check out the New York City College of Technology. PGrech,

Answer: Try any or all of the schools on our Continuing Education Page.

Question #538: How do I get a license to operate an HVAC system? Post your answer

Answer: I have never heard of a HVAC License for NYC. Perhaps you are referring to the refrigeration and air-conditioning operators license. If so, please check for this answer under previously asked and answered questions. PGrech,

Question #502: Besides having a P-99 Certificate, what other certificate do you need to become a New York City super; I was told you need a pollution control certificate. If so, where can you take this course. Post your answer

Answer: Read the FAQs. Once again, you do NOT need ANY certificates or "licenses" to be a New York City super. The City doesn't license supers. You MAY need certain certificates of fitness for your individual building - and the ones you mentioned MAY be some of those required for the equipment in your building. Check the equipment in your building and act accordingly. Certificates of Fitness are obtained through the Fire Department of New York.

Answer: The EPA certificate for Pollution Control can be gotten after taking a course and sitting for the test. Both are available from Local 32BJ union school and from City Tech. PGrech,

Question #488: Where can I take a course to prepare for the Certificate of Fitness? Post your answer

Answer: WHICH certificate of fitness? Read the pertinent Frequently Asked Questions and the categorized questions on Licenses and Certificates of fitness, and visit the FDNY website for much more info.

Question #485: I live in a 30 story building. What certificate of fitness does my super need? Also does a super normally work weekends if he resides in my building rent free? Post your answer

Answer: The need or lack of need for certificates of fitness don't depend on how many floors your building consists of. It depends on  your building's mechanical equipment. For instance, if there is a sprinkler system in your building, or the boiler burns the heavy #6 oil, your super would need the respective certificates of fitness for those mechanicals. Most supers do NOT usually work weekends, but work a normal 40 hour week and some are on-call for emergencies the rest of the time. Supers often work many hours that you know nothing about, taking care of all sorts of emergencies, near emergencies and not even emergencies at all hours, any day and night of the week. All the supers I know are also human and need to get away regularly. Living at your place of work is often hard, and weekends away help tremendously to keep a good perspective and get rested up.

Question #482: How can I verify superintendent has necessary licenses / certificates to run building and boiler? Please name such certificates and where to obtain information. Post your answer

Answer: Only the managing agent, the building owner, or the board have the right to that information. I would ask one of them for verifications. PGrech,

Answer: The certificates of fitness needed vary depending on the mechanical equipment in your building. They are issued by the Fire Department. You can find a list of them on the FDNY website.

Question #475: I am going to be taking the Mechanical Aptitude Test for the elevators union in the City. Are there any books or websites that I can visit to study for the test. Post your answer

Answer: I would try to contact the Mechanics Institute in Manhattan. If any one would know, they would. P.S. Let us know their reply so we can post it here. PGrech,

Question #468: Is there anywhere on the net to take a trial test for the low pressure oil boiler (p-99) test? Post your answer

Answer: No there is not. However, February Meetings in Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn are devoted to Number 6 Certificate of Fitness aka (P-99). The workshop will walk attendees through what you need to know and how to qualify to take the test. It's a workshop and members will get a certificate for attending. Non-members can attend but will receive no certificate. Attendees can join at the workshop. See how to become a member on our website. PGrech,

Question #459: How do I get a # 4 or #6 boiler license, NYFD standpipe and fire certificate? I would like to become a live-in super. Post your answer

Answer: In March Our monthly meetings are devoted to the topic of how to pass and how to obtain a #6 oil burner certificate. See you at that meeting. PGrech,

Answer: Peruse the FAQs and Exams pages.

Question #414: I am looking to get my boilers license. Would you know by any chance how I can go about getting it. I live in the Bronx. Post your answer

Answer: See the answers to Questions #269 and #283, and answers to similar questions on the same page.

Answer: Coming in Feb 2005 there will be a mini workshop on #6 oil certificate of fitness and how to obtain one, as well as how to maintain a #6 boiler. pgrech

Question #410: Where do I go to take the boilers test and how can I get a training manual to study for it as well as the standpipe and sprinklers test? Post your answer

Answer: Read the relevant questions and answers in the Licenses, Exams, Certificates of Fitness section of our Frequently Asked Questions. Also, coming in Feb 2005 there will be a mini workshop on #6 oil certificate of fitness and how to obtain one, as well as how to maintain a #6 boiler. pgrech

Question #364: If you fail your refrigeration onsite do you have to do the course all over again or is there a refresher course you can take to brush up? Post your answer

Answer: Try asking your question where you took your onsite test.

Answer: NO you do not have to take the course over. However, I do suggest that you take a course that concentrates on passing the onsite test. Pgrech

Question #363: Do I need a certificate of fitness to conduct fire drills in the state of New Jersey? Post your answer

Answer: Start your search here.

Answer: That depends on whether you are a commercial building, a residential building, a hospital or school, etc. Pgrech

Question #361: I'm a super who needs to get a Certificate of Fitness for standpipe and sprinkler systems. I have been to the Fire Department web page and found that I need to complete and notarize a Preapplication Questionnaire. Can I have it notarized at the Center or do I have to leave, have it notarized and come back, which would seem to be very time consuming? Post your answer

Answer: You should call the department and ask them that question for a definitive answer, but IF I understand your question correctly and IF my memory serves, when I took the test less than 6 months ago they were not enforcing that requirement, the notarization part of the paperwork was ignored and left blank - signed in their presence and showing them your state ID card.

Question #307: Where in New York City can I take the refrigeration license exam? Post your answer

Answer: Read the answer to a similar previously asked question here.

Question #293: I need to know a good school to study so I can get my boilers license in New York. Post your answer

Answer: See the answer to Question #283.

Question #283: I need to know where I have to go to get my boiler license in New York, and if there is any fee to get it. Post your answer

Answer: Many refer to the Certificate of Air Pollution Instruction required by NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection of all who tend a #6 oil burner as a "license." You are required to take the course from an authorized teacher and you take the test on the last day of class. Go to, go to the department site, and find out where the course is running and when. Dick Koral

Answer: There is no such thing as a boiler license in NYC. If you are referring to the Certificate of Fitness for #6 oil burner, then first you need to be working in a building that has a #6 boiler. If you do, please refer to the past asked and answered questions on licenses and certificates, as this question comes up a lot. IF you don't have a #6 boiler in your building, you can still take the test but you will not be issued the Certificate of Fitness (or C of F), until you do get a building with one. Then you will need a letter from your employer. Note that you have 12 months after passing the test to get a building with a #6 boiler. Pgrech

 Question #281: I'm trying to take the exam for refrigeration operating engineer. When is it offered, and what book should be studied to be successful on the exam? Post your answer

Answer: Getting a NYC Refrigeration license is not as easy as getting a book on refrigeration and studying for it. First, you have to have over 200 hours of classroom studies at a school. Secondly, you have to have some experience or courses in refrigeration repair and operations. The test is two-part. First is a written test, and secondly there is a onsite oral test. Most people pass the written test but rarely pass the onsite test first go around. More info can be gotten at the FDNY Certificate of Fitness website.

Question #278: What is the proper procedure according to NYC regulation in charging a York centrifugal a/c unit, after it has been repaired? Post your answer

Answer: I won't answer this question because only qualified persons with the proper Certificate of Fitness and license can do that work, and if you did have the certificate and license, you wouldn't be asking this question because you would know. Pgrech

Question #269: I would like to know where do I go in the Bronx to take boiler classes? Someone told me that Hostos Community College offered a course, and I wanted to know if you know of any other place? Post your answer

Answer:  We hold a boiler maintenance workshop in the Bronx. Two of our own members, Peter Grech and Jeff Eichenwald, teach great workshops in November. If you are interested, contact me at for more information. Roberto Cardona

Question #253: I have no experience and I just received my #6 and #1 fuel permit, and low pressure steam license. How can I get my high pressure permit? Where is there a school that will give me a license for New York City. Post your answer

Answer: The high pressure license requires 5 years experience in high pressure plants/boilermaking. That is probably the hardest part of qualifying. The NYC Building Code has the details for stationery engineer. There is also a refrigeration machine operator's license from the NYFD - this has a one year experience requirement or equivalent schooling. Good luck. Anthony Treglia

Question #244: What do I have to do to get a refrigeration license? Post your answer

Answer: You will need the following: 1. You must have a high school diploma, 2. Take a refrigeration course, 3. Acquire a universal certification, 4. Take a refrigeration license course, 5. Go to 9 Metrotech in Brooklyn and take a 100 question written test, 6. When you pass the written test you set a date to take your practical exam, where you will be quizzed by two engineers. Roberto Cardona

Question #240: How can I obtain an HVAC Certificate of Fitness? Post your answer

Answer: To the best of my knowledge there is NO HVAC Certificate of Fitness. There are certificates of fitness for #6 oil burners, and the refrigeration license - these two separate certificates are the only ones that pertain to HVAC. Pgrech

Answer: Start your inquiry at

Question #224: We just got a new boiler installed in our 16 unit co-op. What, if any, are the requirements for obtaining a license or approval of the installation? Does the job have to be approved by the City? Post your answer

Answer: The answer is YES. But your installer should know this, as well as the engineer if you hired one as well. There may be other permits required also, depending on the fuel type used. Pgrech

Question #216:  I checked the Fire Department website for certificates of fitness. There are many kinds of exams and I have no idea which one is for maintaining a boiler in a building. I would like to know what kind of boiler license is required for a super to maintain a building. Post your answer

Answer: There is homework involved in finding your answer, homework that you -and only you - can do. We don't have access to your building; you do. You need to check on the type of boiler you have and on the type of fuel it burns, then go to the FDNY website and read it, study it, and figure out, first, whether or not you need a Certificate of Fitness. When you determine the answer to that question, you will also know what type of fuel your heating system burns. It'll be a short step from there to determining which Certificate you'll need. ALL THE INFORMATION you need (after knowing what type of fuel your boiler burns) is on the FDNY website. If you still have questions after carefully doing all of the above, call the Department directly; the phone number is also on the website. Also, see the answer to Question #177.

Question #212: I received my boiler #6 certification in 1986. I have since lost my card and need to obtain another copy. Does anyone know who keeps these records and how I can obtain another copy? Post your answer

Answer: Like most Certificates of Fitness issued by the Fire Department, the #6 boiler certificate must be renewed every few years. The Fire Department allows a holder to renew the certificate up to 12 months past the expiration date. So if you have not renewed your certificate lately, then you will have to retake the exam. If your certificate is still current, then contact the Fire Dept at 718 999 2000 - Department of Fire Prevention. Pgrech

Question #209: I would like to know how does a person go about getting their license for superintendent in New York. Post your answer

Answer: Please see the answer to this question on the Frequently Asked Questions Page, and the answer to Question # 194.

Question #206: Is the Universal Air Conditioning Certification the same as an Air Conditioning License? Post your answer

Answer: A universal certification allows you to work on a/c package units. With the a/c license you have to take an additional written test as well as a practical exam to qualify for the license. Roberto Cardona

Question #203: Where do I go to learn and get certified in elevator repairs in New York? Post your answer

Answer: See the answer to question #110.

Question #194: Where can you go to get a supers license. Post your answer

Answer: Briefly, there is no "Supers License" yet, although there are Certificates of Fitness and Licenses needed to show you can operate and maintain certain equipment specific to your job. Please read related questions & answers on our FAQs Page, and also on the Supers & Management Page.

Question #190: I am a NJ licensed Stationary Engineer (1-C Blue Seal steam/prime mover). I work at a cogeneration plant in NJ and have about three years power plant experience. Due to possible lay-offs, and lack of power plant/boiler operator jobs here in NJ, I am interested in testing for a NYC high pressure boiler operators license to open up some new opportunities. My question is simple: Will NYC accept my work experience and allow me to take the exam? I've tried the web site, but it doesn't specifically state anything about work experience or reciprocity involving out of state licensed individuals. Post your answer

Answer: Experience is experience. As long as you can prove it there should be no problem. New York also requires that you have three reference letters from three different Licensed Stationary Engineers prior to taking the test. Pgrech

Question #177: What license is required by New York to manage a boiler of a residential building? If there is one, how/where can you get one, and what does it cost? Post your answer

Answer: Precisely, one does not need a "license" to operate ("tend") a boiler in NYC except for very high pressure boilers, as used in power plants and very large institutions. In the world of housing, we are talking about low pressure (max. 15 psi) boilers. Then, two "Certificates" are required only if one is attending a heavy oil (#6) boiler. (1) a Certificate of Instruction in Air Pollution Control from NYC Dept. of Environmental Control (DEP) and (2) a Certificate of Fitness for Operators of Heavy Oil Burners from the Fire Dept. Get the details from DEP's and FDNY's pages on Dick Koral

Answer: Go to Exams & Certificates of Fitness on this website and read, specifically questions 8, 11, 23, 45, 71, & 123. Also read pertinent questions and answers on our FAQs page. There's plenty on those two pages to get you started on your quest.

Question #154: How do I go about getting an elevator apprentice job in New York City? I graduated from a electronics technical school and also have six years as a electronics technician and 1 year as a facilities technician. Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: First try the unions, I believe local 1 or Local 2; Second, try the yellow pages for elevator companies and call them. Third, check the NY times and Daily News Sunday employment sections. Forth, go online to New York Times employment and search. PGrech

Question #123: I live in New York and I would like to know where can I get a sample of the boiler exam and in what location are exams given.  Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: Web Page -

Answer: Call the New York Department of Fire Prevention in Brooklyn and they will get you the information you seek. Or go to and put "boiler exam" or something similar in the search engine. PGrech

Question #110: I would like to go an elevator maintenance school to get certified. Where and how can this be done? Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: While I don't know where you would go to get certified or where there are schools for elevator repairs, your best bet would be to call a few elevator companies and ask them this question. PGrech

Question #71: Where do I learn who in New York City needs a Certificate of Fitness? Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: Certificates of Fitness are issued by the New York City Fire Department for various task, like attending a burner that uses heavy oil. Go to the City's Web site ( and follow instructions to get to the Fire Department pages, then look it up. If you post here more precise questions, you will get more precise answers. Dick Koral

Question #64: Does anybody know of where to get or perhaps could email me a practice exam for sprinkler/standpipe Certificate of Fitness? Thanks. Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: Do a search at

Question #49: Where and how do I apply for electrician permit? Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: Go to, click on NYC Agencies, Click on Dep. of Licenses. All shall be revealed.
Dick Koral


Question #45: I'm trying to enter the building maintenance industry; I would like to know how I would go about getting certified for boilers? Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: Your managing agent should have a job description for each employee. Superintendent, Handyman, Porter, Elevator Operator & Doorman.

Answer: Your question is unclear. Building maintenance industry covers a wide range of positions. As for getting certified for boilers, to the best of my knowledge the only certification for boilers in NYC would be for high pressure steam. In most buildings that certification is not required.
Peter Grech

Answer: First you have to get a job (or at least a job offer) in a building. Only the building superintendent needs a boiler Certificate of Fitness for #6 boiler. Sometime the handyman is asked to get one but you need a letter from the building management to take the test.

Question #23: I am a building superintendent located in Westchester County and a member of Local 32BJ. How do I obtain my #4 & 6 boiler license from the NYC Fire Department if I wanted to find a job in NYC. Does the Fire Department require a letter from your employer to obtain this license. My experience has been that employers like to see that you have this when applying for a job. I have experience on boilers and attended a course in commercial boilers and have certificate of completion from this course. How do I go about this? Thanks Lloyd Click here to post your answer to this question

ANSWER: The course you are referring to is mandated by NYC's Dep. of Environmental Protection for those who attend NO. 6 oil boiler, but is open to all. The course is given free at certain high schools; one in the Bronx. I talked to the instructor, Al Arbuckle only last Friday and he says that because of a lack of enrollment, the courses are not running. I suggest that you call Al and ask him to call you when he knows when and where one will be running. His # is (201) 224-2041.

A second course is mandated by NYC Fire Dep. for all who attend #s 4 or 6 boilers. You will need to come here to Brooklyn, pay them a fee (about $35), get a booklet, study it while drinking coffee downstairs, then go up and take the exam. With your experience, you will pass without difficulty.

To take this exam, you need a letter from your employer (IN NYC) attesting to your sound mind and current employment. AsK Al Arbuckle how to get around this. For more info, go to, city agencies, fire dep., etc.
Dick Koral

ANSWER: Local 32BJ has a course where you can learn how to take the #6 boiler exam. There is no certificate for #4 -- only #6.

However, you do need a letter from your employer stating that your are of good character. The school at Local 32BJ can also supply that letter (they have in the past -- not sure if they do now). However, the #6 certificate of Fitness will only be issued to you if you have a #6 boiler currently at your building. If you do not, they usually will hold it (if you passed the exam) for about 6 months until you do get a building with one.

The test is a easy test, and you can get study material for it from the Fire Department by calling the NYFD Fire Prevention Unit in Brooklyn.

As far as I know you don't need formal training, you just need to pass the test and have a #6 boiler at work.

Question #19: What licenses and/or certificates do I need to be a legal working super in a 75 unit building with a gas hot water heating system? Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: None.

Question #11: Can I get the study guide for the Boilers, Standpipe and Sprinkler test on-line? Click here to post your answer to this question

ANSWER: Go to Click on City Agencies. Select Fire Dept. Find hyperlink to Certificate of Fitness. There are many of them. I got as far as standpipe and sprinkler. Print it out. Be patient. It's slow. You will need to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not have it currently installed. If you need more help, email me. -
Dick Koral

ANSWER: Here's the link for all the Fire Dep.'s fitness certificates. Look em' over by scrolling down.

Question #8: Do you know where to obtain certification for boiler systems in NYC? Click here to post your answer to this question

Answer: Contact the Fire Department (212-999-1986). You will need to fill out an application and submit a letter from your employer. They will send the application and study materials and tell you all you need to know. You then call for an exam date and pay $25 and pass the exam. I'm doing it myself soon. See you there.