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  Privacy Statement  

On this page:

This web site is owned by the Superintendents Technical Association (STA), known from its inception in 1998 until December 2003 as the Superintendents Club of New York. Hosted and maintained by ForeSite Net Services, whose postal address is: 7 Hubert St., New York, NY 10013, the Supers Technical Association's postal address is: Attention Dick Koral, CityTech College, 300 Jay Street - H18 Brooklyn, NY 11201.

See our Stay In Touch Page for more information on how to contact us.

Your privacy is of concern to us. This statement summarizes our current policy on privacy – specifically, the use of any demographic information we may gather on visitors to our Website.

We track the total number of readers visiting the different sections and features on our Web sites. This information is used collectively to give us a better understanding of our readers’ interests, and to improve the quality of our site. At times we may share this collective numerical information with our advertisers. We do not share information on specific readers with our advertisers. We do not place "cookies," or small files, in the browser of a visitor's computer.

This Web site gathers e-mail addresses from users who submit their e-mail addresses to subscribe to our free monthly electronic newsletter, or use the various other forms on the site to gain information or help from us.

We only collect specific demographic information when it is volunteered by readers in exchange for a service or benefit, such as receiving an electronic newsletter, or placing a free ad. We currently use that information, when it is used at all, strictly for internal use. We do not sell or distribute our demographic information outside of the Association.

If, in the future, we decide to share the specific demographic information we collect with outside organizations, we will announce that fact on our Web site well in advance. Site visitors will have the opportunity to "opt out" – i.e., choose to remove their name from our lists simply by sending us a blank email with 'Unsubscribe Newsletter' in the Subject Line. All registrants will be able to opt in or out at any time if they change their minds at a later date.

We maintain reasonable precautions to keep any personal information secure. However, we are not responsible for any breach of our site’s security through the actions of any third party. Also, while we provide links to a large number of other Web sites, we are not responsible for any of those sites’ content, actions, privacy policies, or any information they may gather on their visitors.

If you have any concerns about this Web site and your privacy, please use the Contact form to communicate with us.

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Email Policy
When you use our website to send us a request for membership, free posting of your resume, a free help wanted ad or situation wanted ad, or asking a question on our Questions Page, you are also added to our mailing list, and will receive our monthly edition of Super!, our newsletter. You may also receive periodic emails from us describing certain other news of the Club or emails from our affiliates.

We want to respect your privacy and your wishes. If you no longer want to receive emails from us, or if you somehow got on our mailing list and you did NOT mean to sign up to receive our free newsletter, please REPLY to any email from us with 'Unsubscribe Newsletter' in the Subject Line. You will be removed from our list at the next list update (usually done daily).

We never sell, give or otherwise share our lists with any other organization, and will not change that policy without prior express notification in writing.

We welcome your comments on our privacy policy. Feel free to e-mail The Supers Technical Association at if you have questions or concerns.

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Forms Policy
There are forms on this site that provide the visitor an opportunity to submit a URL, a classified ad, a question, and more. As part of the form a visitor is asked to provide a name and an email address. This information is used to respond to requests and verify submissions to the Superintendents Technical Association and will not be published on the site without your explicit permission. When you do use a form, your name and email address will be added to our monthly newsletter email list (SUPER!), from which you may unsubscribe at any time by sending us a blank email with 'Unsubscribe Newsletter' in the Subject Line.

Your private information will not be sold, rented, leased, or disclosed in any manner to any person or entity without your prior consent, unless otherwise required by law, or except as may be necessary for the performance of the Superintendents Technical Association, for auditing requirements or as part of regulatory compliance. Also, the Supers Technical Association will release otherwise confidential information to law enforcement authorities upon receipt of a relevant search warrant or subpoena, and will respond similarly to a relevant discovery order in a civil litigation setting. When necessary, the Supers Technical Association will take reasonable steps to ensure that inaccurate information is erased or rectified.

The Superintendents Technical Association (STA) reserves the right to change this privacy statement at any time. Check this page periodically for updates.

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Superintendents Technical Association original content is copyright 1998 - 2006. Information published on this website is intended for use as an information resource, and is provided for personal use only.

The Superintendents Technical Association (STA) assumes no liability for opinions expressed in editorial content contributed directly to us, and we are not responsible for claims made in advertisements carried on our website, or in the sites to which we link.

See more info on our Fair Use Policy.

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